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Amberjacks (Seriola spp.) are emerging as premier aquaculture candidate species worldwide due to their fast growth rates, excellent flesh quality, worldwide market availability, high consumer acceptability and high-market value.   There are 9 Seriola spp. found worldwide with Seriola dumerili (Greater Amberjack, Kanpachi in Japanese) being the cosmopolitan species having the most tasteful meat and being the most difficult to culture.

G. Amberjack is of a great interest to the aquaculture sector because of its rapid growth (i.e., short time to market size) and large size makes this species very suitable for supplying many different markets worldwide.

Depending on the fish size and the part of the fish, in Japan, Korea, Taiwai (province of China) and Asia in general it is served as sashimi, sushi, carpaccio, bouillabaisse (especially in winter with more fat), grilled (salt or teriyaki), or fried with bread crumbs. In Europe it is mainly prepared on BBQs, oven cooked, sushi and some smaller fish deep-fried.

 Our Recent findings confirm that farmed amberjack (from egg to harvest size) can reach 1 kg in about 8 months given the proper culture conditions and nutrition.

We work with various R&D institutes, Universities and private companies for the development of G. Amberjack  at various parts of the world. The more recent development is the stable production protocols from egg to 30g fry.

The last 4 years we have developed new technology for:

  • The stable production of high quality viable eggs both in RAS and flow through systems.
  • The production of healthy fry.
  • The proper nutrition requirements for all production stages.
  • RAS facilities requirements for all production stages.

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imagesSPAROS Lda, has developed specialised broodstock and hatchery feeds for Seriola dumerili. Take a look at the latest results.

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