StavRAS Aquatic Solutions, in collaboration with FishFarmFedeer (FFF) is introducing to you the NEW REVOLUTIONARY product which does not exist in aquaculture industry at this moment, the Hatchery Automatic Feeder MFH 3020.

With the MFH3020, the Hatchery manager can PROGRAM the feeding frequency (feeding time) and feeding rates (amount/feeding) depending on the:

  1. Time of the day
  2. Age of fish or shrimp
  3. Type of fish or shrimp
  4. Water temperatures

 In order to achieve:

  1. Feeding rate precision
  2. Feeding frequency precision
  3. Optimisation of feed uptake by fish or shrimp
  4. Optimisation of FCR, SGR, SFR
  5. Optimisation of Money saving

Disadvantages when using Hand feeding and Feeders

  • Feeding Protocol - In most cases feeding rates can not be consistent between workers and feeders, resulting in:
    • overfeeding - money loss caused by food waste, water pollution and bacterial blooms, higher growth dispersal, liver damages.
    • underfeeding - money loss caused by cannibalism, lower growth rates, lower survival rates, diseases.
  • Feed Quality - There is a feed quality loss Due to humidity and heat inside the hatchery and nursery area.
  • Biosecurity - There is a significant reduction in biosecurity level
    • Humility often causes mold growth inside the feeders, resulting in poor biosecurity.
    • Due to feed smell, rats and cats are often found in hatcheries, spreading diseases.
    • Technicians often spread diseases with their hands.
  • Time consuming - A lot of time is spent daily
    • To fill/refill all feeders resulting in money loss.
    • In many instances the feed is not being calculated causing money loss.
    • To maintain the feeders cleaned and functional.
  • Technical support
    • Most Feeders don’t have failure alarm, increasing the risks for loosing fish.
    • Most hatcheries require many units to operate, increasing the level of technical support.

The Hatchery and Nursery phases are very sensitive and costly operations and it’s in the favour of the manager to invest on a product which will support the business to optimise money savings, biosecurity and production capacities. With MFH 3020 all hatchery managers will:

  • Maximise Biosecurity
  • Maximize production
  • Have an Absolute control on the feeding costs
  • Accurately generate production costs and budgets
  • Have automatic monitoring, record and data storage of all production tanks
  • Will have the ability to generate feed consumption/ fish production reports fast
  • Have an Absolute control on the feeding system accuracy
  • Reduce labor
  • Reduce human errors

The MFH 3020 is an extremely operational friendly machine.

It will arrive at your facility pre-programmed and you only need to plug and play. It has avery fast and simple programming of each tank, and It takes only one person and 15 minutes daily to fill the silos and the rest is being done by the feeder. Feeding errors will be reduced and feeding accuracy will be increased.


In the salmonoid industry you can have 98% FCR accuracy from Day 1 of fish culture.

In other industries such as Sparids, Amberjacks, Tuna, Cobia, Bass and Groupers the feeding protocols during the weaning phase will be dramatically improved.

We highly encourage ALL HATCHERY MANAGERS to think critically of the many benefits they can gain and the many problems they can solve when having an automatic central feeding system.

If you fill in the form attached we will dimension and price the feeder that you need for your facility.

Below you can see more information of the systems and all the references.

FCR Optimization - Feed Saving - Labor Saving - Faster Growth

Feed and Fish Traceability - Less Pollution - Improved Fish Welfare

  • Selector: Up to 200 pipes
  • Pipe diameter up to 90mm
  • Pellets from 0.5mm to 15mm
  • Dosing from 40 grams onwards
  • Up to 8 silos with 2m3 each one
  • Stainless stell 304,316 or galvanized
  • Dosing distance up to 800 meters
  • Selector: Up to 60 pipes
  • Pipe diameter up to 20mm
  • Micro diets from 75 up to 500 microns
  • From 5 to 100 grams per dose
  • Up to 4 silos with 10 Kg each one
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dosing distance up to 100 meters

StavRAS Aquatic Solutions is specialized in all aquatic systems creating innovative solutions for every body of water. We supply equipment, material and feeds for all aquatic industries, design systems based on clients requests and needs, advice and select the most appropriate equipment to ensure proper system operation, install systems and provide maintenance operations.

FishFarmFeeder is a Company that only manufactures Aquaculture Feeding Systems with a complete catalogue of solutions. They are fully controlled by a PLC and software, adaptable to any farm configuration. FFF feeders are installed and serviced by qualified technicians. Top brand components are selected for the feeders, with support and parts available worldwide.


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