Rythmos Dance School Koi Pond

Year Built: 2015
Location: Paralimni Cyprus

Rythmos Dance school contracted StavRAS Aquatic Solutions to engineer and construct the water filtration system of a 40m3 pond. The pond was separated in 4 parts and had 4 different height levels. It was a very challenging project but we managed to merge the 4 ponds into one RAS system.

The water quality and clarity is suburb. Fish look very healthy and they enjoy their new environment.


Main Equipment used:

A Sparus pump (Constant Flow Technology) was sufficient to support the whole system while operating at very low energy consumption.

A SMART High-Output UV Sterilizers 150W, gives a perfect water clarity and hygiene to the system.

A sand filter Arias 6000 with 6-way valve is enough to support high high fish density and high feeding rates daily.

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